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An Introduction to Alquimie — Sold Out

An Introduction to Alquimie — Sold Out

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Looking for a tangible way to understand what Alquimie is all about? Or possibly to introduce a friend to our unique approach to the world of drinks? What better way than over a glass of wine!

For $45 we are shipping a bottle of wine with edition four of the publication. Decant, relax and enter the world of Alquimie.

Anselmo Mendes ‘Pardusco’ Vinho Verde
Portugal 2012, 12.5 % abv

The Vinho Verde region—the name of which literally means ‘green wine’—is perhaps best known for white wine produced from alvarinho (albariño in Spain). This standing likely stems from the fact that up until recently, the Portuguese have kept the red wines produced in this region to guzzle themselves. Though, as these scarlet-hued wines begin to filter through the international market, we on the outside can begin to understand their attraction. Crafted by Anselmo Mendes, the Pardusco is a paragon of regional potential. A blend of four grapes—alvarelhão, borraçal, pedral and vinhão—this is a light bodied red designed for early consumption: whilst it remains fresh, fruity and zesty. Having undergone a small amount of skin contact and very little exposure to oxygen, the wine is lean and crisp. Serve slightly chilled (around 15 to 16 degrees Celsius) to promote acidity. 
Drink with: Roast rabbit. The subtle gamey notes of the meat will pair well with the silky savoury texture and crunchy acidity of the wine.

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