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2013 Patrick Sullivan Britannia Creek Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Semillon Blend — Yarra Valley, Victoria 

Patrick Sullivan's interpretation of wine is a little different to the conventional wine-school graduate. In an effort to de-mystify the product, Patrick is an advocate of wines as part of a shared table with energy, liveliness and excitement. In addition to his work on the Thousand Candles project (together with William Downie), Patrick's personal label puts forward a selection of wines that are best enjoyed young and with food. Different grape varieties are often co-fermented and his white wines are left on the skins for extended periods of time; resulting in an orange colour. A different approach to the common goal of all wine—deliciousness.

Orange in colour with golden hues, this wine is unfiltered and displays a cloud in the bottle. Patrick refers to the mist in the bottle as 'bottle smoke'. In the glass, the wine is aromatic and savoury. Notes of yellow papaya, lemon rind and a savoury chicken stock aroma protrude the glass. On the palate, the extended contact creates a chalky tannin that is persistent from entry to finish. The fruit continues to show a wide array of citrus and the savoury notes push into herbal notes of fennel and chervil. The finish is medium with strong quince notes. This is a wine to enjoy within the first 3 years of its life. Serve a little warmer than conventional white wines (14–15º C). 

Drink with pan seared pork loin encrusted with fennel seeds and roast duck-fat potatoes. The wine has sufficient palate weight and tannin to cut through the fat whilst the texture will help create an umami building experience.

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