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Pheasant's Tears Dinner

Yesterday evening, Collingwood restaurant Saint Crispin played host to our readership dinner: Alquimie with Pheasant’s Tears. A spectrum of four wines—white, orange and red—from the Pheasant’s Tears wine series were expertly matched to respective courses. Unsurprisingly, the wines played an excellent counterpoint to the bold and earthy flavours of each dish.

Pheasant’s Tearswinemaker, John Wurdeman, introduced each wine and nutriment with poem-like diction; speaking of Georgian history, culture and tradition over the background sounds of polyphonic music—the music style that first drew him to Georgia. The main course of the evening featured a 2007 Saperavi, the very first wine that John made at the estate. The wines of Pheasant's Tears triumph the different indigenous grape varieties of Georgia, each made in a manner unique to their region. In Georgian tradition, toasts were made, stories were shared and there was no shortage of good humour to be heard around the table. 

Tartare of hiramasa kingfish, lime and passionfruit dressing
2011 Chinurri

1st Course
Cured salmon, salad of sea vegetables, smoked oyster, rhubarb, salmon roe and chives
2011 Kisi

2nd Course
Roast breast of chicken, toasted bird seed puree, fricassee of spatzle, almonds and cumin
2011 Mitsvane

3rd Course
Braised beef cheek, smoked tongue, garnish ratatouille
2007 Saperavi

Isle of mull cheddar, walnut bread, eggplant relish, linseed  
2009 Rkatsiteli


Art, polyphonic music, food and wine are but a few of the threads of life. In the article from edition one, John Wurdeman recounts his journey from the USA to Georgia, in search of his spiritual centre.
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