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Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2015
  • Event Begins: February 27 2015

Now that the dust has settled on the holidays, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get back to drinking in earnest. What better way, than the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. To assist with your planning, we have highlighted the top three events that you should get along to. Bottoms up!

Return to Terroir
The Return to Terroir tastings are held around the world and are led by iconic Loire Valley winemaker Nicolas Joly. A collective of moon-gazing grape fellows, the movement aims to promote unique vineyards managed by environmental custodians. Some 2–3 years ago they visited Melbourne and the tasting was exceptional. This year, promises to be just the same. The wines to be tasted may seem a little left of centre but they never lack for character. For $65 it’s as much an intriguing question and answer session, as it is a tasting. Read more.

The Classics at the Global Wine Experience
The classics are the classics for a reason. An excellent opportunity for an update on the most hallowed wine producing turf around the globe. This curated panel tasting offers tutelage, guidance and an opportunity to update your palate. As an attendee at these events for the past 4 years, we can vouch that the quality of the wines always exceeds the cost of the ticket ($150). Read more.

The 32 Grand Crus of Burgundy
Haha. Wow. The title kind of says it all. And if the title doesn’t, the price does at $1695 a ticket. If you could somehow keep your neurotic need to distinguish between all the grand crus of Burgundy aside, the comfort of Woodland House’s luxe hospitality should certainly offer one of the more hedonistic wine experiences this year. Let’s not pretend this is for everyone, because it, well, isn’t. Read more.

…. Oh…. And this bucket wine tasting. Their wines were fermented in buckets and demijohns composed from different varieties in very small amounts. They are predominantly from Chalmers winery. It’s not exactly clear what will be tasted but variety, there is sure to be a-plenty. 

To find out more about the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, visit online here:

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