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Edition Two Feature
  • Edition Two Filter & Origin
  • Author Joshua Elias
  • Photographer Carolina Romare

We chat with Klaus Thomsen of The Coffee Collective in Denmark about his journey from World Barista Champion to ‘direct trade’ advocate. 

Klaus Thomsen starts his day with a black filter coffee. Sometime around midday, he will likely have a cappuccino and then later in the afternoon, an espresso … and some more filter coffee. As co-owner of The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Thomsen’s blood is well adapted to a hit of caffeine. As we chat over the phone, he seems to giddily confess em-pathy towards the effects of caffeine overdose. Presumably, anyone who loves coffee has at some stage endured the nervousness and fluttering heart rate that comes after indulging in one espresso too many. It is a refreshing point of contact, a meeting of common ground, despite the knowledge that Thomsen contemplates coffee in a way very different to that of the average drinker. 

“They don’t have to necessarily think about how we have brewed the coffee but we have to present a great taste experience to them.”

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