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Bar Exuberante
  • Open Tuesday – Saturday, 6pm onwards
  • Location 438 Church Street Richmond, Victoria (Within Bar Economico)

A Compartment of Imagination

Sitting at Bar Exuberante with Matt Bax — creator of said establishment — we jest about the future of Richmond. “For years, Richmond has been on the rise”, I say it, he says it, we chuckle. It’s a healthy cynicism that embodies cautious optimism with a compelling undertow; if you want change, you’ll have to bring it about yourself. Or completely luck out. For our bounty, Bar Exuberante is the latter.

Inspired by a fictitious 1950s bar that is trading off former glory, Bar Exuberante is beautiful in its detail. Faded blonde wood and muted defused lighting nestles nostalgia. It is the inexplicable antidote to Daft Punk’s Touch; that “room within a room, a door behind a door”. It is an Easter egg from The Grand Budapest Hotel. Bax confesses a love-hate relationship with Wes Anderson’s latest work and indeed that stems from the coincidentally shared aesthetic — Bar Exuberante’s conception was well before the movie’s release.

The space is a curious craft of environmental stimulus. Like the layers of a club sandwich, there is something for everyone. Of the drinks we sample; A lip-smacking house Daiquiri, a Manhattan with a penchant for post-doctoral research and a Piña Colada that befits a floral necklace. The drinks are immaculately presented. It is an experience to be tasted with the tongue and eaten with the eyes.

Hospitality ventures are commonly enlivened around an emotion. Sometimes they materialize with a unique accent. Seldom do they detail the inner workings of an imagination. It is a complete experience. Bar Exuberante is our type of bar.

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