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2010 G.D. Vajra 'Langhe Rosso' - Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont is a region with a rich winemaking tradition in the northwest of Italy. The annual truffle festival—built around the white truffles of Alba—is part of the gastronomic culture that makes for some amazing, yet surprisingly humble dining experiences. Truffles are typically shaved over simple ravioli del Plin or tajarin (similar to fettuccine) with butter and oil. Wines with prolonged cellar ageing such as barolo or barbaresco mimic the truffle flavours seamlessly. 

The wines of G.D. Vajra are true to the traditional style of Piedmont. His barolo Albe would be an excellent match for an indulgent truffle pasta—albeit one for a special occasion. The more affordably priced, G.D. Vajra Langhe Rosso is a blend of nebbiolo, dolcetto, barbera with small quantities of indigenous grapes, such as albarossa and freisa. With bright and crunchy red fruit, this wine is complemented by strong floral notes and crunchy tannins. The vibrant, fruit in the wine plays an excellent counterpoint to the savoury, earthen appeal of the truffles. 

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