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To Drink & Be Festive
  • Month March
  • Location Melbourne

March in Melbourne is a celebration of conviviality. The annual Melbourne Food & Wine Festival features a rich catalogue of topical and traditional tastings, but what to drink?

Grab your glass and seek a slurp from one of our five favourite events.

Mr Sullivan Meets Belle’s Hot Chicken
Friend of Alquimie, Patrick Sullivan, is one of the most accessible and friendly winemakers and he is changing the way we think about wine. This is an event that promises to be packed with flavour.
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Snacking with Mike
Whilst Jiro dreamt of sushi, he probably snacked on midnight treats. Across Japan, street food is a colour of the landscape. Weird and Wonderful combinations will be prepared by Analeise Gregory & paired by the effervescent Mike Bennie.
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An Old-Fashioned World
Walter Speller specializes in Italian wine for Tracing tradition into trends, this tasting looks at Italian wine whilst channeling famous filmmaker Mario Soldati.
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Hands-On with Noisy Ritual  
Alex Byrne and his team have started an urban winery in Brunswick. Having recently tasted the wines of their first vintage, we can attest to their uncomplicated drinkability. If you’ve ever wondered how grapes + yeast = wine, roll up your sleeves and get involved.
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Say Cheese
If you’ve read edition 6, you’ll know we’ve been on our merry whey for sometime here at Alquimie. Boccaccio cellars import and distribute an exciting selection of wines and Anthony D’Anna will show you their cheese matching capabilities, first-hand.
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