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Better with Borsch?
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Tasting vodka is an art of subtlety. To assist you the reader with your tasting process, Luke Thompson—of Melbourne vodka institution, Borsch, Vodka & Tears—offers the following suggestions:

→ Taste the spirit neat.
→ Unlike whisky, water is not required to “open up” a vodka—dilution will in fact diminish the character.
→ Tasting a vodka served at room temperature isn’t the most enjoyable vodka experience, though it is the best way to put the spirit to the test—it will make any flaws or faults quite obvious. As a golden rule, if a vodka is palatable at room temperature, it is going to be great when served cold.
→ Only take a small sip: if you over-fill your mouth with room temperature vodka, the alcohol will numb your palate. Once you have a small mouthful, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds and let a bit of air out.
→ If you are having difficulty differentiating the base, try pairing a serve of rye bread with rye vodka or boiled potato with potato vodka. This should help you to pick out the subtle flavours.
→ In terms of enjoyment, it is ideal to drink vodka served at around two degrees Celsius. 

To read more on vodka, edition three is available for purchase here.

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